Missions - Timor Leste

Since 2004, Agape Baptist Church has been partnering with Shallom School to provide Timorese children with a good education. Given Timor Leste’s violent past, the hope is for a new history for the nation to be written by a new generation of Timorese with character and leadership. The redemptive key perhaps is education – not just academically but spiritually. This instruction is established upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the only power for true transformation – from the major strongholds of violence, hatred and unforgiveness. Agape Baptist Church’s and Shallom School’s deep desire is for the gospel to bring shalom to a nation without shalom.

Economic and infrastructural transformation starts with a reformation of hearts and the holistic nurturing of students. This is done with the provision of nutrition, health checkups and imparting of biblical values. As part of the desire to disciple the students, the Bible is taught as part of the curriculum. In partnership with ACS(I) and short-term missionaries, the teachers in Shallom School are equipped to pastor the children in the way of the Lord. Visitors have observed a difference in the children, for example, some have voiced aspirations to contribute back to the nation.

The annual missions giving finances the operations of Shallom school – providing funds to pay salaries of teachers, daily expenses and provide each student with a meal each day. The Church is also mobilised to participate in the following ways:

The Anurakthani's in Thailand

Meet Sornchai, Yulian, and little Magdalene.
Agape will be supporting the Anurakthani family as they prepare for a mission trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their monthly newsletters would be updated here. If you would like to follow more closely with the work they are doing in Chiang Mai, do follow their Instagram here!

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