About Us

Our Vision

To be the catalyst in the city for the gospel to awaken and enliven believers and seekers.

Our Mission

To turn every casual seeker to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values


We believe that the gospel (the good news of Jesus Christ) is central to Christianity. It is not just meant for the conversion of the pre-believer, but also for the continual growth of the believer. 

Theological Depth

We believe that right thinking fuels right feeling. The pursuit of theological depth will lead us to a deeper and purer love for God according to His character as revealed in Scripture. 

Church Community

We believe that a Christian is not meant to be alone. It is God’s plan for His people to be in deep fellowship and sharing their lives together within the church community.

Grace + Generosity

We believe that God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others. As undeserving recipients of God’s lavish grace and generosity, we should rightfully show grace and give generously to others. 

City Renewal

We believe that the church is called to seek the flourishing of the city at large. Renewal is not meant to be contained within the four walls of the church, but rather meant for the greater restoration of all of God’s creation. 

Generational Continuity

We believe in the importance of intentionally passing down our spiritual heritage from one generation to the next. This will ensure that future generations will continue to be faithful to the gospel until Christ returns again.

Our Staff


Johanan Justin

Executive Pastor

Wong Guoliang

(Christian Education)

Too Teh Hsin

(Pastoral Care)

Tan Sok Hwee

Director of Ministry
(Cell groups)

Jessica Ho

director of ministry


Deeben Raj

(Admin & Finance)

Sabrina Tan

Executive Staff
(Admin support to the Pastors)

Lester Tan

Specialist Staff
(Facilities & Logistics)

Crystal Hong

General Staff
(Office & Front Desk)

Our Elders

Guna Raman

Founding Pastor

Johanan Justin

Executive Pastor

Too Teh Hsin


Wong Guoliang


Thomas Lim


Guna Raman

Founding Pastor

Guna Raman is the CEO of City to City Asia Pacific (CTCAP). He served as the senior pastor of Agape Baptist Church for 30 years (1990-2019) before transitioning to lead CTCAP .

To listen to the sermons he has preached, just click the button below:

Agape Baptist Church

1 Dorset Road, CC Hall (Level 2)
Singapore 219486
10:00 AM