Dec 20 – Jan 21

Upcoming Sermon Series: Pathways to Growing in Grace

We’ve just entered into 2021. This would usually be the time that we make plans and set goals – but who knows what the new year will hold?

This is God’s way of leading us onto pathways of grace! This sermon series is meant to help us go further and deeper as one Agape family. So join in this 5-part sermon series that will prepare us to face 2021, by fortifying our commitment to God’s word, community, the Christian Ordinaries, service and to persevering through challenging circumstances.

Sunday, 10:00am via live stream on Facebook

Jan – Mar 21

A Chapter A Day - Year 2, Quarter 1

The e-copy of this quarter’s 3-year Bible-reading initiative called: “A Chapter A Day” is now made available on our church website!

Due to COVID-19, our Sunday services are closed. Join us instead for our live-streamed service at 10 AM.