Every-Member Church

Belonging Gifting Flourishing

The Vision

As an Every-Member Church, Agape must become a body where every member is utilising his/her God-given gifts for the flourishing of the church, the family, the community, the city, and the nations.


”As an Every-Member Church, Agape must become a body where every member utilises his/her God-given gifts for the flourishing of the church, the family, the community, the city, and the…

The Timeline

2022 – 2024

The Catalyst

Incubation Phase

Feb’ 22 – Oct’ 22

Induction Phase

Oct’ 22 – Dec’ 23

Implementation Phase


2025 – 2027

The Chuch Planting

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Upcoming Events

Tennis 🎾 
13th September (Tuesday)
7 – 8 AM 
Farrer Park Tennis Centre (Court 1)

Walk 🚶‍♂️
16th September (Friday)
Time TBC
Gardens by the Bay to Margaret Drive Food Centre

Coffee ☕️
17th September (Saturday)
3 PM
Hazel Park Terrace
Contact Angela (9826 7317) for more info

Football ⚽️
18th September (Sunday)
 5 – 7 PM
Castle Green Condominium

Volunteering @ Willing Hearts 🤝
24th September (Saturday)
Time TBC
Looking for 25 volunteers.
Contact Shirley Ong (9656 0965) by 16th September if you are interested to join. 

Cooking 🍗
24th September (Saturday)
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Learn to cook ‘chicken themed’ dishes
Margaret Drive
Contact Michelle Lee (9760 2152) for more info


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Agape’s vision is to be a catalyst for the gospel in the city. There are multiple strategies Agape could employ in seeking to fulfill this vision. But perhaps the most faithful, sustainable, and effective way of fulfilling this vision – would be by mobilising every member!

  • If every member of Agape Baptist Church were to have a sense of belonging to the church body (where Christ is the Head), and were to use their giftings for the sake of flourishing (in every area – church, family, community, city, nations) – wouldn’t we then be truly fulfilling our vision as a catalyst for the gospel in the city?

  • Being an Every-Member Church is crucial to the fulfillment of Agape’s vision.
  • The Every-Member Church vision will surely involve multiple programmes – especially over these next 3 years as we go through different phases in actualising this vision. However, this vision itself is not a programme.

  • The goal is ultimately for Agape to have an Every-Member Church ‘DNA’ (identity). The foundation of gospel-centrality has already been laid in Agape’s identity. Scripture clearly depicts the Church as a body, of which every member is meant to be an active, essential part.

  • To this end, being an Every-Member Church is much more than a series of programmes, and will persist beyond the next 3 years.
  • It won’t because our focus as an Every-Member church begins with the emphasis on active belonging – not just to the body of Christ (the church), but to Christ Himself. Such belonging to Christ (i.e., abiding in Christ) necessarily entails the spiritual disciplines (i.e., Christian ordinaries). Our focus as an every-member church does not in any way lessen the importance of the Christian ordinaries in our lives as Christians. In fact, it deepens our appreciation that beyond our devotional spiritual disciplines, the utilisation of our gifts to serve, and the pursuit of flourishing for the good of others are Christian ordinaries too.
  • With regard to service, the call for an every-member church is a general call for everyone to arise to serve. What it looks like though would differ necessarily from person to person based on his/her God-given abilities, availability, and also season of life. If you are already serving in our church, there is no such expectation to stretch yourself to serve in yet another formal ministry. For many of us with heavy existing commitments, that might actually be unwise!

  • If you do feel God’s call though, you could always prayerfully take up a different ministry or join a new ministry on top of your existing commitments. But we want to stress that there is no such requirement. Practically, for many of you who are already highly committed in serving, you would primarily be reconsecrating your heart to serve with your gifts more intentionally and purposefully. In some other cases – if you do decide to become part of an interest group – what was perhaps just a leisurely pursuit for you alone may become a far more significant means of bonding, fellowship, and even evangelism. In such a scenario, engaging in these activities with a servant’s heart will not feel like a ‘stretch’, but rather a more purposeful, joyful and life-giving use of your time with others.

  • Not at all. Being a faithful disciple of God means being a follower of Jesus. It is not measured by how many formal (or informal) ministries you serve in. Remember, we are saved by the grace of God, not by what we do for God. In response to this saving grace, we naturally serve Him for the flourishing of the church, family, community, city and nations.


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