Justice & Mercy

In light of the undeserving grace we have received in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, the Agape Justice and Mercy ministry aims to extend God’s love and acceptance to others. The ministry consists of two branches – the Foreign Workers Outreach and the Elderly Outreach. 

Foreign Workers Outreach

The Foreign Workers Outreach started in April 2012; ministering to foreign workers residing in Simpang Dormitory through English lessons. Open to all nationalities, the grammar classes are conducted in the mother tongues of the foreign workers. Two modules are offered – Simple English and Intermediate English. The English lessons have since moved on from Simpang Dormitory and are now conducted at the church office on Sunday afternoons.

The hourly classes are organised four times a year for five consecutive Sundays. A connection time of thirty minutes occurs after each class for fellowship. The volunteers treasure the building of friendships with the precious individuals who are often struggling – they are faced with the reality of the high cost of living in Singapore, needs of their families back home and repayment of hefty loans with interest. Being equipped with the ability to communicate in English often provides better prospects for promotions.

During this COVID-19 season, we have also ‘adopted’ a factory-converted dormitory at Tuas. Click here to find out more!

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Elderly Outreach

The Elderly Outreach serves the elderly poor living in Pek Kio by befriending and providing them with practical assistance. These pioneers of our nation are honoured through the practical extension of God’s love to them. The elderly are upheld in prayer, visited in their homes and invited to participate in events specially organised for them.

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