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Thank you for visiting our website! Here, in Agape Baptist Church, we greatly value community life, and we would love to connect with you! If you have yet to attend our Sunday service, do consider taking the next step to visit our church on a Sunday. I would love to speak with you face to face then. Please come approach me if I don’t manage to come to you!

Whether you are currently a Christian, or someone who is just interested in the faith, you are most welcome to join us in your journey of growth as a believer, or to explore the reasons for faith. In Agape, we welcome every single person and every single question! I hope you will find Agape to be a spiritual community that readily confesses her own sinfulness and flaws, but also one that finds forgiveness and rest in God’s radical grace and love. God willing, may you discover a renewed meaning and purpose for your life through the gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ in Agape! Looking forward to knowing you better! 

Warmly in Christ,
Wong Guoliang
Senior Pastor

Upcoming Service

Specially Blessed

Date: December 8, 2019

Time: 0900 | 1115

Location: OneDorset | OneFarrer

Upcoming Sermon

This Sunday, we start season 2 of our sermon series on the book of Haggai. Through this sermon series, we will also take time to remember God’s wondrous work of grace for missions in Timor Leste.  

In Haggai 2:10-19, God brings for the third time, a message from the prophet Haggai, to His people. In this message, God reveals to them that He will graciously bless them, as He leads them from defilement to holiness. Through this message, the people discover what it means to live in the fullness of God’s blessings.

Come and hear how this sermon brought to us by Pastor GL applies to us in Agape in relation to our work in Shallom School in Timor Leste!

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One Church | Two Congregations

Agape Baptist Church is One Church with Two Congregations. We are a Gospel-centered church that strives to be a catalyst in the city for the Gospel to awaken and enliven believers and seekers.

Agape @ OneDorset

1 Dorset Road,
Singapore 219486

Sunday Service at 09:00 A.M.

Agape @ OneFarrer

1 Farrer Park Station Road,
Singapore 217562

Sunday Service at 11:15 A.M.