Cell Groups

A cell group is a spiritual family unit of the church that meets regularly to grow together in fellowship, worship, discipleship and outreach. It is the primary means by which you would be known and cared for in Agape. It is also where you would grow in faith as you journey in knowing the gospel, and are continually transformed by it. Our hope is for members to be knit together with Christ-like love that extends beyond the structured meeting timings.

Because the church exists not for itself, but seeks to be a blessing to the community around it, our cells are encouraged to engage in justice and mercy works, and be the salt and light in their spheres of influence. 


Youth Cells 
Sundays | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
LOR Room (Level 3)

Young Adult Cells 
Fridays | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Various Locations

Adult Cells
Various Days | Various Timings
Various Locations

No matter which season of life you’re in, it is vital to have the right community around you. We hope to help you find that community!
For any enquires about joining a cell group or this ministry, simply