Trust Deeply

May 10, 2020
This Sunday, Pastor Guna will wrap up the Lament series with the final step in the lamenting journey, 'Trust Deeply' by looking at Psalm 13. Psalm 13 has only six…

Ask Boldly

May 3, 2020
How do you pray boldly when you are bruised badly? What does it mean to pray boldly? Has praying boldly got to do with raising your voice in authoritative praying?…

Complain Freely

April 26, 2020
Is complaining always wrong? This Sunday, Pastor Guna will preach on the second step in lament from Psalm 10. While we believe in God's sovereignty, we still live in a…

Turn Quickly

April 19, 2020
Lament is the only appropriate response to the fear and anxiety this pandemic is generating everywhere. Lament is a prayer that comes from a discouraged, despairing heart in pain that…

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