Prayer of Confession – 21st Nov 2021

Father, You love righteousness and justice. The earth is full of Your unfailing love. How beautiful it would be, if every one of us seeks to live for You and for others.

Sadly, we often live for ourselves without much concern for others. When we see someone in need, we walk around them rather than show compassion, like the good Samaritan.

Forgive us for directing our energy and resources to our own kingdom, rather than Yours.

Forgive us for making life all about us, using people we ought to love rather than pouring ourselves out for them, as Christ has done for us.

Would You anoint us to bring good news to the poor, to bind up the broken-hearted, and to proclaim liberty to the captives. Use us to minister to the least among us, as our gifts unto Lord Jesus. In His name we pray, amen.