Prayer of Confession – 14th Nov 2021

Father, You have designed a world that is just. Where we treat one another with kindness, fairness, and righteousness. Where there is no oppression nor exploitation. Only sacrificial love for each other.

But, have we longed for justice without cost to ourselves? Have we pushed the responsibility to others? Have we closed our eyes and shut our ears to the injustice all around us?

Forgive us for worshipping You with empty rituals without life-giving action. Forgive us for neglecting the plight of those who are oppressed, hungry, fatherless, and homeless. 

O LORD, would You transform our hearts? Help us to speak up for those who are powerless. Help us to live simply so we may help others live better. Help us to gladly release what is in our storehouse for the flourishing of our communities. Use us as Your transforming agents to mend the broken fabric of our society. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.