Prayer of Thanksgiving – 7th Nov 2021

Lord God Almighty! Lord of Mercy! Lord of Life. Your steadfast love extends to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the clouds. Hear our praises this morning!

Thank You for the gift of faith! We see Your supernatural realities. We have confidence amidst life’s uncertainties. We belong to a diverse and beautiful family.

Thank You for the gift of providence! You have kept us safe. You have preserved our unity. From finances to spiritual gifts, new members to new-borns – You have provided.

Thank You for the gift of purpose! You have spoken into our seasons, our relationships, our vocations, our outreaches. Surely You have blessed us to be a blessing.

How can we thank You enough, for all Your goodness towards us? Take our lives, Lord! We are Your living sacrifices – ready and happy in Your hands.

So we thank You, bless You, and adore You – in Your Son’s most enduring name, amen!