Prayer of Lament – 4 Oct 2020

Father, over this past month, we’ve learnt more about being a
covenant community. The love that motivates it. The sacrifice that is
needed for it. And the longings that are fulfilled through it.

But Lord, it is difficult being a covenant community, when we are so
often apart! It has become much harder to truly know each other.
Our ability to rejoice with those rejoicing, and to grieve with those
grieving, has been constrained.

O Father, bring us together! Enable us to come together in bigger
numbers – both in our homes, and in this sanctuary. Grant us to meet
face to face with more members of this church family. Strengthen
the covenantal ties between us. And grow our love for one another.

O God, bring this season to an end – sooner rather than later.
Have mercy on us – on our lives, our livelihoods, and our relationships.
Have mercy on Singapore, and have mercy on the nations of
the earth.

We ask all of this, in Your Son’s precious name, amen.