Prayer of Confession – 31st Oct 2021

Lord God Almighty! Creator of all things! You formed us in the womb. You breathed life into us.

In Christ, You saved us! You set us apart for Yourself. You adopted us into Your family. You called us into Your Kingdom.

Forgive us for forgetting. Forgive us for making light of such glorious gifts. Forgive our materialistic, carnal, worldly hearts that wonder: “Is that all?”

With long-suffering forbearance, You endured our wicked ways. With unconditional mercy, You did not treat us as our sins deserved.

With the very blood and humiliation of Your Son, You snatched us out of the jaws of death and bondage.

O Abba, we are Yours! What do You require of us? Is it not that we walk in holiness? Is it not that we bear fruit?

Help us now, to whole-heartedly abide in Christ, that we might bear much fruit. We ask all this in His name, amen.