Prayer of Confession – 30th Jan 2022

Sovereign Lord, we bless You and adore You. You are faithful and true. Your wisdom is incomparable. Your discernment, unequalled.

We make much of our choices and decisions in life. We often dwell on our past decisions. We often seek control of our future, through our present decisions.

But who is the King? With whom lies the power and the authority? Who holds the fabric of time, and the heartstrings of every man, woman, and child?

Only You, our Sovereign God! Yours is the freedom and the right to choose, and to decide. We bow in awe and humility before You!

And we bow also, in wonder and in gratitude! For You have graciously chosen us – as the object of Your love, and as Your treasured possession.

We lift our hearts to You. We surrender our lives into Your hands. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.