Prayer of Confession – 23rd Jan 2022

Lord God Almighty! The Rock of ages. The Ancient of days. The great I AM. The King above all kings. And the God above all gods. We hail You!

Blessed Trinity! We adore Your saving work. The Father, in Your sovereign love and design. The Son, in Your meekness and sacrifice. The Spirit, in Your effectiveness and vitality. We owe You our all!

Can we out-give a Giver like You? What could we truly lose for Your sake? Wouldn’t we simply gain the Kingdom? And plunge deeper into Your love? 

Wouldn’t the lost be added to Your Church? Wouldn’t the gospel go forth in power? Wouldn’t our children, and the generations after us, be blessed to call You “Abba”?

Have we been fearful of surrendering our lives to You? Forgive us, O Lord! Here we are. Have Your way in us. Have Your way through us. In Jesus’ name, amen.