Prayer of Confession – 21 Jan 2024

Father, what do we know about Your greatness? We sing about it. We read about it from Your word. We hear stories of what You’ve done. We see glimpses in our own life. 

But Lord, You know how little we truly esteem Your greatness. Even the best among us, hold to only a shadow of Your true majesty and might.  

Lord, if we have come to a place where we think, “There’s really not much more to grasp about Your greatness” – then please, forgive us. We have become dull and foolish. 

O Lion of Judah, arise. Step out of the shadows, O Ancient of Days. Emerge from behind the veil, Triumphant One. Mighty God, rend the heavens and come down! 

Grant us a true fear of You. Give us a new knowing of Your greatness. Ground us in Your reality, so that we can follow You with courage. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.