Prayer of Confession – 14 Jan 2024

Father, we confess that Your ways are often far above us – far beyond our comprehension. We believe we are following You. Yet our courage and tenacity are often tested.

Many times, we think we have You figured out. That we know the outcomes You desire. That we know what You want of us. Until we experience Your detours. 

The unexpected happens. And often we respond with shock, fear, anger, and even unbelief. You test our courage and tenacity.

Are we really following You – the One who charts the way? Or have we already charted the way for You? Are we submitted to Your purpose – or are we serving our own interests? 

Father, temper our courage with the reassurance of Your love and Your faithfulness. You are not a principle – but a Person. Teach us to follow not just Your will, but Your heart. 

We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.