Prayer of Confession – 21st August 2022

Heavenly Father, You replaced our sinful hearts of stone, with tender hearts of flesh. So we are to love You with all our hearts! This is nothing less than You deserve.

Yet we have not guarded our hearts with all vigilance. We have allowed sinful hardness to creep back in. We have made room for idolatry, for worldliness, for man-pleasing, for fleshly indulgence.

Passion has given way to apathy. Devotion, to indifference. The pursuit of holiness, to the pursuit of happiness. And perhaps, we have even become okay with that.

Forgive us, O Father! Have mercy on us! May we become jealous for You, as You are jealous for us! Lord Jesus, would Your zeal for Your Father’s house consume us!

Holy Spirit, would You empower us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling – worthy of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray all this in His glorious name, amen.