Prayer of Thanksgiving – 6 Nov 2022

Faithful God, Gracious Redeemer, and Sovereign Keeper! Glorious Father, Son, and Spirit: we give You all glory, all praise, and all our thanksgiving.

Mighty God, we thank You for Your protection. In these pandemic years, You have watched over us. You have kept us from the worst of the virus. Thank You!

Saviour King, we thank You for Your preservation. You have sustained us: our worship, our fellowship, our outreach, our small groups, our leadership, our pulpit, and so much more. Thank You!

Lord, we thank You for Your abundance. Even in this unprecedented time: You sustained us financially! You raised various giftings to build this house! You still brought the lost home! Thank You!

You have been good to us! And because of Jesus, we are confident that Your goodness – and our thanksgiving – will endure! In His name, we bless You. Amen!