Prayer of Thanksgiving – 5 Nov 2023

Father, what is Agape Baptist Church that You are mindful of her? Thank You for choosing us. Planting us. Setting Your love on us. And leading us to the gospel of Your Son.

We are by no means the mightiest, the most numerous, the most wise, or the most noble of people. Still, You have given us Jesus! And He is our power, wisdom, and nobility. 

We celebrate how Your gospel is shaking and transforming the very foundations of this church. We praise You for the deep work of conviction and repentance that is ongoing. 

We give You glory for exalting Your Son as more beautiful, more dependable, more satisfying, and more lasting than any other earthly thing! What are our idols next to Him?! He is holy!

As You lead us into the future, we remain confident of this: You are not done with us yet. You are not done moulding us. You are not done using us. 

And You are not done revealing the riches of grace in Christ Jesus. As we celebrate the past, we anticipate the future we have in Him. We thank You and bless You in Jesus’s name, amen!