Prayer of Thanksgiving – 31 Mar 2024

Heavenly Father, who is like You? Who could we compare to You? We chose not to obey You. We chose to be our own gods. To live our own lives.

We chose to reject You – and the result of that, is Death. Death is our reality: Any time. Any place. In any way. Death is our irreversible finality. Death is what we deserve. 

But You intervened! You gave us Jesus: Son of God, yet Son of Man. He lived the life we should have lived. And died the death we should have died.

And then He rose to glorious life! Death, our reality – He overcame! Death, our enemy – He triumphed over! And if Jesus has prevailed over Death – then what could be too difficult for Him? 

Father we thank You, because when we were at our weakest, and most desperate – You gave us Hope. Hope that even death cannot silence. Help us to keep clinging to Him. In His name we pray, amen.