Prayer of Thanksgiving – 25 Dec 2022

Lord God! You are Creator, Sustainer, and Benefactor. And though we have rebelled against Your authority, though we often reject Your love, though we do dismiss Your reality – yet You still give!

This Christmas Day, we remember Your greatest gift to us: Your Son, Jesus! You gave Him to us to draw near to us, to prove Your love for us, and to save us.

This is love! We had no affection for You, yet You remained committed to us. We were Your enemies even – we hated Your authority – yet You pursued us!

Jesus – You had every heavenly and earthly wealth at Your disposal! Yet for our sakes, You became poor so that we might share in Your bountiful riches!

Jesus – every perfection is Yours! Yet for our sakes, You became stained and polluted with the horrible stench of our every wrong word, thought, deed, and motivation. So that we might share in Your perfection!

Lord God, this Christmas Day, we remember and thank You for Your great gift of love, life, and hope. We thank You for Jesus! In His name we pray, amen!