Prayer of Thanksgiving – 1 Nov 2020

Father, we rejoice this morning! You have led us, provided for us, shepherded us, sanctified us, and held us fast. You have been faithful.

Lord, as we think back on the past year – and the past 36 years – we see Your goodness and mercy following us all those days. We see Your mercies being made new, day after day. We see that You have crowned each year with Your bounty!

Thank You for looking after us, Your flock. Thank You for binding our hearts in unity. Thank You for teaching us to grow deeper in covenantal love – both for fellow Agapians, and for the lost.

And above all things, thank You for giving us Your Son! Thank You Jesus, for coming for us. Thank You Holy Spirit, for applying Jesus’ death and resurrection to our hearts!

Triune God, we give You all blessing and honour and glory and might forever and ever. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen!