Prayer of Confession – 9th Jan 2022

Holy God, we confess that we need You! You are our King, our Father, and the Strength of our hearts.

Lord, we want to serve You. We want our lives to be spent for Your kingdom and glory. This is our solemn desire.

But forgive us for our pride. Pride that says we can do this on our own. That we don’t need anyone else. That we don’t even need You.

Forgive us for pride that also says we have nothing to offer! That You created us without the ability to bless. That Your Spirit has given us no gift to use.

Forgive us for fixing our eyes only on the difficult labour and sacrifices required of us. Forgive us for not seeing the joys, the good, the glories that come with living for You.

Lord Jesus, we come to You. Help us to bear much fruit! We ask all this in Your name, amen.