Prayer of Confession – 6 August 2023

Father, all our success and fruitfulness are found in You. All our abilities and giftings that make us useful and employable – these come from You. Our daily bread also comes from You.

Lord, forgive us. So often we forget these realities. We believe we are the makers of our own fortune. The architects of our own achievements. And the solution to our own needs. 

So forgive us for complaining and grumbling. Forgive us for comparing and being discontented. Forgive us for using people to our own ends. Forgive us for not resting in You.

Father, help us to find rest in Jesus. To look to the cross, and to know deeply – that You are for us. That You will provide. That You are all we need. 

And by Your grace, let that be enough. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.