Prayer of Confession – 31st Jan 2021

Father, we know that our hearts are prone to wander. Even our most noble desires can turn into terrible, tyrannical idols. So Father, search our hearts! See if there be any wicked way in us!

Lord, by what standard have we measured our desires? Have we been using our emotions, or the popular opinion, as our standard? Or has it been according to Your word?

O Father, we confess that we have settled. We have settled for double-mindedness. We have settled for lukewarmness. We have settled for serving both idols and You. Forgive us!

Precious Lord, we want You as our greatest longing! We want to love You. We want to love what You love. And we want to pursue You, by the way You have set in Your word. Help us, O Father. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.