Prayer of Confession – 30 Oct 2022


We are Your chosen people, and You are our mighty God. You have delivered us from slavery just as You did for Moses and his people. You are pleased when our faith is in You and You alone.

We confess that we often walk by sight rather than by faith. We lack endurance when the journey is long and hard. We lack thankfulness when our earthly desires are not satisfied.

Forgive us for giving up too easily. Forgive us when our faith is crippled by fear. Forgive us for choosing the fleeting pleasures of sin and the treasures of the world instead of Your heavenly reward. 

Help us to hang on to Your promises and trust fully in Your perfect character. Help us to be unshakable people of faith. Let our faith rest not on the wisdom of men, but on Your mighty and surpassing power. 

We pray all this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.