Prayer of Confession – 30 July 2023

Lord, we bring our yearnings and desires to You. You are our Creator – You formed us with such desires. You are our Sustainer – You have nurtured these desires in us. 

But You are also our Redeemer – You are saving us from our over-desires. Whom else can we turn to, to meet our deepest yearnings?

But forgive us, because our sinful tendency is to look everywhere else for satisfaction. Forgive us for looking to our work for satisfaction. Forgive us for rejecting You as our Treasure. 

We have sought the approval of others. The thrill of success. The joys of position, status, and control. The pleasure that hard-earned money can buy. And we have rejected You.

Forgive us. Lead us to find fresh satisfaction in Jesus. Teach us how. Give us a foretaste. And mould us into priests after Your own heart. We pray all this in Jesus’ name, amen.