Prayer of Confession – 3 September 2023


It is such an amazing honour that You have chosen us and consider us as precious in Your eyes. You have even made us a holy priesthood.

Why have we not taken possession of this precious spiritual treasure? Why do we sulk when we are not chosen by our schools, our bosses, or our friends? Why is our identity still shaken when we do not receive the praises we want?

Forgive us for seeking to honour ourselves, even to the extent of stepping on others. Forgive us for seeing people for their usefulness rather than the inherent value of people created in Your image. Forgive us for blindly seeking, when we should just come to Jesus.

O Lord, help us come to Your Son. We shall be a crown of beauty in Your hand. Help us receive the honour from Heaven for all who believe in the name of Jesus Christ. In His name we pray. Amen.