Prayer of Confession – 29th Aug 2021

O Father, You delight in faith! You saved us by faith. And You call us to live by faith – individually, in our families, and as a church.

Forgive us. Forgive us for how we have placed our faith in this world. In the systems of this world. In the experts and authorities of this world.

We often prize having our “eyes wide open” in the flesh. Yet we are unaware how much we have shut the eyes of faith instead.

Over the course of this pandemic, has our decision-making been any different from the world’s? Have our aspirations? Our fears? The source of our confidence?

Father, only You know. Have mercy! Open our eyes of faith! Help us to measure everything by the gospel of Christ, and not the patterns of the world!

Lord, we love You. Help us to love You even more. Help us to love You, the way You desire to be loved – by faith.

We ask for all this by faith in Jesus’ name, amen.