Prayer of Confession – 27th Jun 2021

Our dear heavenly Father! You hold us! You mark our paths! You hem us in on the way we should go.

Thank You for Your love! Thank You for Your faithfulness! Thank You for Your steadfast kindness towards us.

Dear God, we draw near to You in humble repentance. Lord, You know our hearts! Forgive us.

We fear that our hope has moved away from Your Son, and our anchor has shifted from Your word.

Instead of preparing for our eternal home, we have faithlessly put our roots down in this temporal life.

Instead of living out our lives as exalted citizens of heaven, we have lived as subdued residents of earth.

Instead of awaiting the Saviour with all eagerness and integrity, we have sought out shortcuts to living the easiest, most comfortable lives.

O Father, we have sinned against You – and great is our sin. Forgive us! Renew our hearts and our focus! Turn our eyes upon Your Son!

We pray all this in His name, and His name alone. Amen.