Prayer of Confession – 27th Dec 2020

Father, You are the God who speaks. You communicate Your greatness through nature. You grant direction through the Spirit’s gifts in the church.

But it is through Your Scriptures, that You speak. We are to tremble at Your word! We are to hear Your word with faith! We are to hear – and to do – Your word!

Forgive us. Looking back upon this year, we have been found wanting. At Your word – have we trembled or shrugged? Have our hearts been open with faith, or closed with cynicism? Have we read, but not listened?

Father forgive us. Oh that we would yearn for Your word! Oh that we would search Your Scriptures! Oh that Your word would refine, convict, reflect, grow, cleanse, guide, refresh, cut, enrich, empower, and nourish us. We ask all this in the name of Jesus – the Word that became flesh. Amen.