Prayer of Confession – 27 Sep 2020

Father, we acknowledge that You are the Author of our stories.
From beginning to end, all our days are written in Your book.

Lord, we confess that we struggle to trust You. We often doubt
that You see us, that You know our ways, that You will work things
for good.

Father, forgive us. Forgive us for trying to seize control from You!
Forgive us for thinking that we can do a much better job than You!
Forgive us for thinking that we can make something of ourselves,
apart from You.

But also forgive us for how satisfied we are with our earthly lives.
Forgive us for our shallow, temporal pursuits and desires. Since You
are the Author, forgive us for not expecting more out of our lives!

Nevertheless, we praise You! Though we may be faithless, You are
faithful. No matter how we may falter, You still remain the Author of
our lives. So we commit all this to You, in Jesus’ name, amen.