Prayer of Confession – 26 November 2023

Heavenly Father, You are just. All Your ways are justice. All Your work is good. Who can charge you with evil? Who can uncover deceit in Your handiwork? 

Yet Father, we often flirt with the idea that You are unjust. Accusations of Your unrighteousness often sit upon the tips of our tongues. You know the thoughts of our hearts.

Forgive us, Lord. In our hearts, we have often charged You with being unjust. In the messiness of this broken world, we so often struggle to understand Your ways:

In matters of justice ā€“ we trip over Your unexpected mercy, stumble over Your harsh judgements, and finally fall over Your acts of grace. And in our confusion, we accuse You. 

Forgive us. Place in us a fresh humility. Shape our justice to be more like Yours. Help us grasp the costliness of mercy, and the just price of grace. We pray all this in Jesusā€™ name, amen.