Prayer of Confession – 25 Feb 2024

Eternal and exalted God, Yours is all the glory! Yours is all the riches and wealth! Yet You’ve lavished us with grace. With an abundance of kindness, You’ve blessed us.

Father, would that our hearts would beat with gratitude! That the reality of Your goodness would drive out every trace of grumbling, complaining, and anxiety!

Yet as we examine our hearts, we find an abundance of ingratitude, wariness, and unbelief towards You. You’ve been so good, yet we’ve been so blind to it! Forgive us!

Prepare our hearts, even now, to give – not out of obligation, not out of presumption, not out of fear or shame. But out of Your lavish goodness towards us.

Lord, all we have is Yours, and is from You. Thank You for allowing us to bless You and to give to You. We praise You in Jesus’ name, amen.