Prayer of Confession – 24th Oct 2021

Lord God Almighty! You created us to work. You have called us to specific settings, and to specific areas of work.

You have commissioned us to further Your Kingdom. To be Your ambassadors, Your Kingdom-workers, wherever You have stationed us.

However, we forget that You are Lord and Master – even over our work. We minimise Your Kingdom purpose and opportunities in our work.

We often instead make idols and masters of our work. We turn people – Your image-bearers – into targets, stepping-stones, and the means to our ends.

King of Kings, forgive us! In our work, how we have failed to honour You as God. How we have failed to give You thanks.

How we have exchanged the glory of the immortal God, for worldly aspirations. Father, forgive us for our futile thinking and our darkened hearts!

Renew our minds! Increase our zeal for You! Magnify our love for Your image-bearers! Return our hands to the plough. We love You, O God. And we commit our work to You. Let us decrease, that You may increase! We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.