Prayer of Confession – 24 Sep 2023

Father, we confess our prayerlessness before You. Your word calls us to pray without ceasing, but at times we go days without praying. Forgive us!

Forgive us also for praying wrongly! The times we have prayed from a place of pride and self-righteousness. The times we have prayed to impress other people. 

The times our prayer has been full of religious phrases, but empty of meaning. The times we believed our flowery, wordy prayers would impress You. 

Forgive us! The ways we pray and don’t pray, speak volumes about what we think about You, about ourselves, and about how things work in Your creation.

Lord, all we can humbly ask once again is: “Teach us to pray!” Help us, Holy Spirit. Answer us, Father. Because we ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.