Prayer of Confession – 21 May 2023


You are our strength, our shield, and our deliverer. In You we trust. Through You we are helped. By Your power, nothing is impossible.

We confess that our faith is weak when our cry is great. We confess that we allow fear to be magnified rather than trust in Your mighty power. We confess that we make You so small that our future seems bleak.

Forgive us for giving up far too easily when You don’t answer our prayers in our timing or in the way we insist. Forgive us for doubting Your goodness or Your limitless ways. Forgive us for believing in the lie that You are not for us.

Help us with our unbelief. Would You take our little faith like a grain of mustard seed and turn it into a faith that can move mountains. Give us the persistence of Jacob when we ask for Your blessings. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.