Prayer of Confession – 20th Feb 2022

Father, You are Lord over the times and the seasons. You are the Potentate – the Ruler – of Time! According to the sovereign timing of Your will, so it is.

In the beginning, You – the Father, the Word, the Spirit – brought life out of nothingness. When Your creation fell into sin, You promised a day of salvation.

At the right time, You raised deliverers, kings, prophets, and mediators – to save Your people out of oppression, and to turn them away from their sins.

And at the fullness of time, You gave us Jesus. Our awesome Saviour – He overcame the grave, declaring that the day of salvation is finally at hand!

Lord, where is our rejoicing? Where is our zeal to proclaim good news to the poor, the broken-hearted, the lost, and the captive? Forgive us!

Come Holy Spirit! Impress upon us that the time of salvation is at hand! That the harvest is white and ready! And that our God is already on the move.

We ask all this in the name of Jesus, amen!