Prayer of Confession – 20th Dec 2020

God, we remember Your goodness. We remember that we were a people who loved darkness. We remember that we were even Your enemies. Yet You gave us Christmas.

You are a generous God! A God who is too kind to give us what we deserve. In Your tenderness, You have given us so much more – You gave us Your very Son.

O God, You have gone to such lengths to give us abundant life. Yet we reject Your gift of life. We ignore Your offer of life. And even for those of us who have chosen Your life – we often choose to parade our own lives instead.

We are so sorry, O Father. Help us today, to delight in Your gift of life! Help us to see the glory and beauty of that life! Help us to see how the life You give is so precious – even in comparison with our own.

We thank You for the gift of eternal life. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.