Prayer of Confession – 2 July 2023

Lord we come as one community. We come young and old, of different generations, of different influences. We are the body of Christ! Yet we see such differences.

Where our differences have become divisions – we are thankful for Jesus! It is His broken body that unites us, as one new body.

Lord, forgive us for the grudges we still hold against each other. In our families. In our cell groups. In our ministries. Against our leaders. Among brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Our unforgiveness is first against You. The sinner You redeemed in mercy, we have bound in our hate. Our unforgiveness defies Your compassion. And our pride provokes You to anger.

Have mercy on us! Heal our deep hurts. Rebuke our pride. Renew our faith in the cross of Christ. Restore our hope. And reconcile us, one to another. We pray all this in Jesus’ name, amen.