Prayer of Confession – 19th June 2022

God of all glory and worth, You see into the hearts of men. Your word divides even bone and marrow. Nothing about us is hidden from You -even the deepest things.

Lord Jesus, You remember when we first came before Your throne – humbled at Your sacrifice, in awe of Your mercy. We came before You utterly destitute in spirit and yet strangely grateful.

You remember our vows before You. That we would forsake all else. That we would live solely for Your glory. That we would acknowledge You alone as King.

Have these vows been kept? Or have they been forgotten? Have our tears of gratitude dried up? Have we lost that peculiar sense of gratitude for Your amazing grace?

Lord, You know. We humble ourselves afresh. We ask Your mercy – mercy not only to forgive, but mercy to renew. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.