Prayer of Confession – 19 Mar 2023

Father, thank You for not only giving us Jesus – but also hiding us in Him. In Jesus, we have all our identity, our resources, and the fulfilment of our every hope.

Forgive us for when we have sought to evangelise, apart from Christ. We fear taking risks in evangelism – fearing the worst. But can’t we do all things through Christ, who strengthens us?

We are so familiar with our weaknesses, our un-evangelistic habits – and we are so sure that we will never change. But in Christ, aren’t we a new creation? 

We often decide not to evangelise, because we feel inadequate and ill-equipped. But in Christ, hasn’t every spiritual blessing been made available to us?

Lord, we have such a great salvation! Forgive us for neglecting it. We are in Christ. So grant us boldness and hope – even for our evangelism. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.