Prayer of Confession – 18th Apr 2021

Father, You have called us to exalt You – not on our own terms, but on Yours. We are to bring the ‘sacrifice of praise’ before You. We ourselves are to be a ‘living sacrifice’! 

Yet is our worship ‘sacrificial’ in nature? In truth, we have made worship about ourselves. Our tendency has been to colour our worship with shades of convenience, self-expression, and people-pleasing compromise. 

O forgive us! We bring the “me first” tendencies of our hearts to You. Deliver us from this evil, O God!

Lead us to Christ! Lead us to declare that we have been crucified with Him! That it is no longer we who live, but Christ who lives in us! As He was raised, let us now walk in newness of life with Him!

Be exalted O God, above the heavens! And let your glory be over all the earth. You increase, O God, even as we now decrease. We pray all this in Jesus’ name, amen.