Prayer of Confession – 18 Oct 2020

Father, we often forget Your love for us, and we are sorry. As each day unfolds, You shower us with steadfast love. And through the watches of each night, You cover us with compassion and kindness. Yet we often do not consider this love, ponder upon it, or rejoice in it. We are so sorry, our Father.

Lord, we want to pause and celebrate Your covenant love towards us. How rich a treasure we possess, through Jesus Christ our Lord! Amazing love, how can it be – that You my God would die for me! How deep the Father’s love for us, how vast beyond all measure!

Father, help us to embrace Your love by faith. As You have loved, now let us love. As You have healed, now let us heal. As You have been kind, let us show compassion. And as You have been merciful, let us tenderly bear with those who wrong us. We ask all this in Your Son’s most precious name, amen.