Prayer of Confession – 17th July 2022

You work to create everything in this world. You put us here to upkeep and to continue the creative process and to bless the world. You sent Jesus to finish the work of salvation for mankind.

But instead of glorifying You through our work, we have often contributed to the evil and futility of work. Instead of using our position of power to serve the weak, we oppress. Instead of thanking You for our successes, we fight for more. Instead of loving the people that we work with, we treat them as competitors or obstacles to be eliminated.

Forgive us for the evil in our hearts. Renew our minds so we treat our employees justly. Let us outdo one another in showing honour. Let all our interactions with others be seasoned with Your love.

Help us, O God. Change us, Holy Spirit. Let us be the beacon of light in the midst of futility and brokenness at work. We pray and ask all these in the precious name of Jesus. Amen.