Prayer of Confession – 16 Apr 2023


You are our rock, our fortress, and our deliverer. In You we take refuge, for You are our shield, and the horn of our salvation, our stronghold. You are worthy to be praised.

We confess we often do not acknowledge that You are the Lord of our joy and our sorrows. We confess that we tend to put our faith in worldly resources rather than in You. Why do we treat You as the last resort rather than the first and the best option?

Forgive us for underestimating Your power. Forgive us for demanding signs and wonder to believe. Forgive us for expecting You to help us according to our ways rather than trusting in Your infinite power and Your divine wisdom.

God, help us take steps of faith towards You. Increase our faith and trust that Your ways are always perfect. Help us and our loved ones to believe in the saving grace of Jesus. In His precious name we pray. Amen.