Prayer of Confession – 12 Mar 2023

Father, You are the God who sanctifies us. In Christ, You have already sanctified us – and made us Yours! And through the Spirit, You are still sanctifying us – making us like Jesus. 

Lord, we confess that we are creatures of comfort. We enjoy the familiar, and we avoid change. We complain and grumble, because we believe we are ‘good enough’. So everything else should change.

You are the God who sanctifies us. As we heed Your call to evangelise, would You also help us see that we desperately need to be transformed? 

That our hesitation in evangelism is not just a matter of skills or tools – or that we don’t have the ‘right personality’ – but it’s a matter of our hearts! Our wills. 

Lord, free us to be committed to evangelism – to be passionate about the lost – because You are committed to our transformation. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.