Prayer of Confession – 12 Feb 2023

Gracious Father, each of us have our story – how You reached out to us, how You revealed Yourself to us, how You redeemed us. We remember – and we are grateful!

Yet forgive us, Sovereign Lord, when we think Your hand is too short to save those around us! When we have written off certain individuals, as “hopelessly lost”, as “beyond saving”. 

How could we? Do we think that we were somehow more “worth saving” than these? Do we think we had some ability to attract Your grace? Forgive us!

Whenever we think ourselves as “deserving of grace” – Your grace ceases to be “grace”! Holy Spirit, reveal what we truly were – and so illuminate what God’s grace truly is.

Then lift up our eyes to see: that the harvest is ready, Your grace is the sickle – and we are called to reap. We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.