Prayer of Confession – 10th Oct 2021

Father, we come as Your children. In Your household, there is no distinction: no male, no female; no Singaporean, no foreigner; no married, no single.

Every one of us is called to holiness. To build the Church. To serve Your Kingdom. At the foot of the cross, we have all been made equal.

Yet as a church, we confess that we have not always treated with equal consideration, those who are single among us.

Forgive us for when we have not valued them. When we have made light of their struggles and needs.

Forgive us for echoing the cultural sentiments of this world against them, instead of affirming Your loving purpose for them.

Restore to us a holy love for those who are single in our church. That we would cherish, affirm, and welcome them as part of this church family.

Restore to us a holy honour of them – that You have set them apart to serve You and Your kingdom in unique and precious ways.

We ask all this in Jesus’ name, amen.